Merrimac TV was formed December 8, 2007. It is presently overseen by the Board of Selectman and is funded entirely by a contract between Comcast and the Town, in which the Town receives 4.5 percent of Comcast’s gross revenues generated in Town.

Merrimac TV is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the citizens of Merrimac the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of television.

Merrimac TV was created to serve the communication needs of residents, educational institutions, governmental bodies and not for profit organizations. It is charged with the responsibility of establishing procedures to facilitate and oversee the availability of access channel resources to the residents of Town. It fulfills its mission in part by providing training on, and access to video production equipment and facilities as well as other communication technologies, and channel/broadcast time on the local cable television system.

Merrimac TV is offering one on one classes in camcorder production, digital editing , studio production and more .If you’re a nonprofit organization in Town, start using Merrimac TV to show your organizations events or talk about what your organization does. If you’re a town resident, use Merrimac TV to shoot a school sport, town event, musical performance or anything else that is of interest to you.

Join Merrimac TV and start producing your own television show.

Carol Traynor – Station Manager
Chris Liquori – Technical Director

Office Hours
Monday 10am – 12:30pm, 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 10am – 12:30pm
Thursday 10am – 12:30pm
Friday 10am -12:30pm

Other times available by appointment or contact us online.